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“Prince the dog” is half king cavalier and half poodle. Prince spent his first couple of years as part of a program that taught dogs how to take care of sick or hurt people when they came home from fighting for our country. The wounded people are called “disabled veterans” and Prince was called a “service dog.”


But one day, Prince became very sick himself. It took the doctors a long time to figure out what was wrong with him. After many months, he was diagnosed with a disease called Addison’s. He was treated successfully with medication that he would have to take for the rest of his life.


The doctors recommended that he not be assigned as a service dog and that he be adopted by a family that had another dog, a big backyard, and young kids for him to play with. And that’s exactly what happened! Prince’s favorite thing to do is play fetch with a yellow tennis ball. He is super happy and could not ask for a better life.


Prince’s loving❤ family feels blessed to have him in their lives and describes him as irresistible, sporty, playful, and smart!

Prince the Dog - Playing Fetch
Prince the Dog - Tropical Flowers
Prince the Dog - Tropical Flowers
Prince the Dog - Princ and Suzy the Squirrel
Prince the Dog - I Heart Words
Prince the Dog - Notebook
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