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Prince the Dog - Tropical Flowers
Prince the Dog - Sabrina Ginsburg
Prince the Dog - Prince
Prince the Dog - Sabrina & Sophie


Prince the Dog - Tropical Flowers

Sabrina “Sage” and Sophie “Paris” Ginsburg both took an interest in reading and writing from very young ages. Between them both—they kept diaries, created handmade books, and even designed illustrative narratives from the time they started kindergarten. Both Ginsburg girls had lifelong dreams of publishing an educational children’s novel tied into a philanthropic cause. Should you ask either of them, they would describe themselves as hyper-altruistic. They were brought up with the philosophy that giving back to their communities is a way of life. 

Ironically, they both aspire to advance their interests of giving back by working in the health and sciences fields. Sabrina plans to become a general practitioner—with an ultimate goal of becoming an astronaut physician. Sophie aspires to study medical law and public health. When they are not studying, volunteering, playing with their doggies, or writing, they enjoy many outdoor activities like: tennis, water sports, and snowboarding. 


They are committed to the continuation of co-authoring and have plans to start preparing, book two, of the “Dear Mr. Albert” series.

Prince the Dog - Family Photo
Prince the Dog - Illustration by Sabrina Ginsburg
Prince the Dog - Orange Arrow
Prince the Dog - Bailey
Prince the Dog - Sun
Prince the Dog - Blue Arrow
Prince the Dog - Sisters
Prince the Dog - Notebook
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